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Trump set to fulfill his promises on immigration with new executive actions-including a wall

These actions were his first campaign pledges and are a welcome change to most Americans

(NationalSentinel) The very first campaign pledge Donald J. Trump made when he descended the stairwell in Trump Tower in New York City to begin is surreal candidacy for president was to curb illegal immigration and “build a wall that Mexico would pay for.”

Now, the new president is fulfilling his pledge. As reported by Reuters, Trump on Tuesday signed executive orders cracking down on illegal immigration by bolstering border security and building that promised wall. What’s more, the president issued executive orders that will halve the number of refugees coming into the U.S.

Trump, who took office last Friday, will begin signing the orders at the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday. On Twitter on Tuesday night, Trump reiterated his promise to build the border wall, which was a cornerstone of his presidential campaign and which he has promised to make Mexico pay for.

The border enforcement order includes plans to hire 5,000 more U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents used to apprehend migrants at the border and to triple the number of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents used to arrest and deport migrants living in the United States illegally.

The Customs and Border Protection agency has already struggled to meet its hiring mandate, with a little more than 19,000 agents on the payroll, out of a congressionally mandated 21,000. 

Immigration enforcement away from the border is also expected to be strengthened by seeking an end to “sanctuary cities” where local law enforcement officials refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Trump will call for an end to this practice and may instruct the federal government to stop providing certain funds to cities that refuse to comply.

Polls have regularly shown that a majority of Americans back these immigration and refugee measures and want more aggressive deportation of those in the country illegally. It’s too bad that a majority in Congress really don’t.


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