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Obama stuffed a year’s worth of regulations into his final two months in office

Surprisingly, there are still working Americans who thought Obama was on their side

(NationalSentinel) If you wonder why our 45th president has been so busy signing executive actions since he took office last Friday, it’s because he has so much to undo that was left to him by the 44th president.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, President Obama was very busy during his last few months in office taking executive actions of his own: He implemented one year’s worth of job- and economy-killing regulations in that short period of time:

Former President Obama made good on his effort to tie President Trump’s hands with new regulations, adding $157 billion in new rules from Election Day to Inauguration Day alone.

A new report from American Action Forum, which charts regulations, said that the administration published a full year’s worth of new rules in just two months.

“Throughout 2016, the administration averaged roughly 45 rules per month, including final and proposed measures. Then in November 2016, the administration managed to produce 57 rulemakings, an increase, but not statistically significant. By December, however, the administration approved more regulations (99) in that month than for any December since 1993. In other words, the Obama Administration more than doubled regulatory output in the month after the election,” said Sam Batkins, director of regulatory policy at the American Action Forum.

During his first few days in office, Trump suggested he could repeal 75 percent of regulations currently on the books, and “maybe more.”

Check out the new rules here.

Batkins concluded: “There is little doubt politics motivated some of the historic midnight surge from the Obama Administration. Publishing a year’s worth of regulatory burdens in less than three months is no easy task and yet the final gasps of the White House’s domestic agenda managed to produce $41 billion in final rule costs. Some successfully predicted this historic midnight output, but now Congress must move from these estimates to hard reality. Congress has the power to examine billions in regulatory costs and dozens of controversial measures. The Obama Administration’s historic regulatory output of 2016 could soon turn into historic regulatory modernization in 2017.”

Let’s hope so. Trump is doing his part to reverse all of Obama’s massive, expensive regulatory burdens; now it’s time for the GOP-controlled Congress to step up.

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