(NationalSentinel) Over the weekend, White House spokesman Sean Spicer took the discredited ‘mainstream media’ to task over its hyper-focus on the number of people who attended President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration.

The media, obsessed with making Trump look as bad, as weak, and as unpopular as possible, noted early and often that, hey, look at that: Trump didn’t draw as well as President Obama for his first inauguration in 2009!

See? See? Look how unpopular he is!


According to a graphic published by fake news network CNN, which was ostensibly taken from the same place at the National Mall on the same time in 2009 and 2017, there appears to be fewer people in attendance for Trump’s inauguration.

Spicer’s point in taking the media to task was, essentially, that the effort to focus on the smaller numbers was akin to an attempt to make Trump look smaller, and frankly, he is right.

But so what?

There could be any number of reasons why more Americans didn’t make the trip to the inauguration:

— More people were watching on TV (that’s what Trump has said, in fact)

— More people were streaming it online (which is what we did)

— Some people were afraid the Left was going to cause major disruptions, as the Soros-funded groups under the umbrella #DisruptJ20 had been promising for months

— More Trump supporters had jobs they couldn’t leave than Obama supporters

Who knows? And frankly, other than the sycophants in the establishment media, who cares?

This notion that Trump is already so unpopular is pure fiction, a fantasy of the angry Left who has already vowed to do nothing but oppose, delegitimize, and undermine Trump during his entire tenure in office. How do we know it’s fiction? Two ways: 1) The “news” agencies reporting low Trump approval ratings did what they did during the campaign to falsely portray Hillary Clinton as leading-they oversampled Democrats; and 2) Common sense tells us unpopular candidates don’t become presidents.

The media has us all fighting over a non-issue again, and in some quarters of our country, we’ve allowed it to happen. The only way to render these fools powerless is to ignore them completely, and rely only on news agencies like this one that don’t try to lie to you and trick you.

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