(NationalSentinel) To say that the Environmental Protection Agency was politicized under President Obama is a bit of a stretch. The EPA has been a haven for Left-wing climate change hoaxers and other anti-business factions for decades; it’s just that Obama took politicizing the EPA to new heights.

He has used the agency as a battering ram against the fossil fuel and power industries for the duration of his presidency, actions that have dramatically increased energy costs for consumers while reducing employment opportunities.

Most recently, on his way out of office, Obama’s EPA has implemented a Final Clean Water Rule that greatly expands the “Waters of the United States,” to include federal regulation of every square inch of land capable of holding rain water. It’s that broad (and, thankfully, is on President-elect Trump’s hit list of Obama-era rules and executive orders to overturn, along with other EPA rules targeting energy production).

Okay, but what about those careerist Lefties who infest the EPA? What to do about those federally protected employees? Trump’s answer: Scott Pruitt.

As reported by The Daily Signal, this long-time EPA critic may be the regulatory savior liberty- and business-minded Americans have been waiting years for:

Protesters with megaphones are making a lot of noise over the confirmation of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.

But Pruitt and others concerned about an agency that has grossly exceeded its statutory authority and threatened individual liberty are giving a bigger megaphone to voices all over the country that need to be heard.

They’re providing a voice to the family the EPA fined $75,000 per day for placing gravel on virtually dry land. They’re standing up for the farmers (like this cranberry farmer), ranchers, and homebuilders worried about the authority seized by the EPA in the Waters of the United States rule, which could destroy their way of life.

And they’re aiming to protect the small businesses and families across the country facing higher energy bills as a result of global warming regulations on the country’s power fleet.

Now mind you, regulatory agencies like EPA exceed their statutory authority when two things happen: 1) Congress refuses to hold the agencies accountable through, say, budget cuts; and 2) presidents use the agencies, which are controlled by the Executive Branch, to enact policy agendas, statutes be damned, as long as they can get away with it.

Pruitt, who is the attorney general for Oklahoma, has actually sued the EPA, and that, say his Democratic detractors, is one reason why he should not be Trump’s pick to head the EPA. But that’s what state attorneys general are supposed to do: Defend their states against gross federal overreach of the kind the EPA engaged in frequently under Obama.

This is precisely why Pruitt is the right guy at the right time. He has opposed over-the-top climate change regulations not because he’s a ‘denier,’ but because the science is not settled on this issue and the rules are incredibly expensive, while providing no real measurable effect on “climate change.”

Trump has made a good selection for EPA chief. The agency needs a law-and-order person running it, and that’s Pruitt. By forcing his agency to comply with its mandate, that alone will make it far less intrusive and troublesome for business and average Americans alike.

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