(NationalSentinel) As he prepares to leave office, President Obama’s politicized scientific agencies-the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA-just released a breathless new report claiming that the earth’s ‘warming’ set another record for the third year in a row.

And, of course, the ‘report’ was picked up by the usual fake news outlets, which hyped the data as ‘the latest indication’ that Mankind is ‘destroying the planet.’

09-02-16-04-44-01_promo_article_160x600-option-2Per the Washington Post:

In a powerful testament to the warming of the planet, two leading U.S. science agencies Wednesday jointly declared 2016 the hottest year on record, surpassing the previous record set just last year — which itself had topped a record set in 2014.

Average surface temperatures in 2016, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, were 0.07 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than 2015 and featured eight successive months (January through August) that were individually the warmest since the agency’s records began in 1880.

The average temperature across the world’s land and ocean surfaces was 58.69 Fahrenheit, or 1.69 degrees above the 20th-century average of 57 degrees, NOAA declared. The agency also noted that the record for the global temperature has now successively been broken five times since the year 2000. The years 2005 and 2010 were also record warm years, according to the agency’s data set.

NASA concurred with NOAA, also declaring 2016 the warmest year on record in its own data set that tracks the temperatures at the surface of the planet’s land and oceans, and expressing “greater than 95 percent certainty” in that conclusion. (In contrast, NOAA gave a 62 percent confidence in the broken record.)

NASA found a bigger leap upward of temperatures in 2016, measuring the year as .22 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the prior record year of 2015. The agency also noted that since the year 2001, the planet has seen “16 of the 17 warmest years on record.”

Yawn. At least, that’s what non-politicized scientists who don’t work for Obama did.

As noted by The Daily Caller, the actual data is far less, er, dramatic:

Satellite-derived global temperature data shows 2016 was half a degree Celsius warmer than the 30-year average, which is not statistically different than the incredibly warm year of 1998.

2016 is in a statistical tie with 1998 for the warmest year in the 38-year satellite record, according to satellite data from the University of Alabama-Huntsville (UAH).

As Roy Spencer has pointed out, the margin of error is 0.1C, so statistically 2016 is tied with 1998 as the warmest year in the satellite record. The fact that there has been no warming for the last 18 years is a massive blow to the credibility of climate science, Climate Depot notes.

Dr. David Whitehouse, the science editor at the Global Warming Policy Forum, provided even more insight:

The Met Office yesterday confirmed that the warm record of 2016 was mainly driven by a very strong El Nino.

Not that you would have heard this fact in the news. But Peter Stott, Acting Director of the Met Office Hadley Centre, said in no uncertain terms that, “a particularly strong El Nino event contributed about 0.2°C to the annual average for 2016.”

By removing this temporary El Nino contribution from the Met Office’s 2016 data, it becomes obvious that global average temperatures would be essentially identical to where they were in 2014. Since the El Nino warming is fading and global temperatures are dropping rapidly, they are close to being back to where they were before the latest El Nino started.

Extreme Weather expert Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. noted that the media “hottest year” scare stories are simply not working. “Selling climate policy on ‘hottest year ever’ hard because 2016 also had very low disasters & record high crop productivity. It doesn’t scare people,” Pielke tweeted.

“To imply that a rise of temperature of a tenth of a degree is proof that the world is coming to an end — has to take one back to the dark ages,” said MIT climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen on the ‘hottest year’ claims.

“As long as you can get people excited as to whether it’s a tenth of a degree warmer or cooler, then you don’t have to think, you can assume everyone who is listening to you is an idiot,” he continued.

“The whole point is so crazy because the temperature is always going up or down a little. What is astonishing is that in the last 20 years it hasn’t done much of anything. What they don’t mention is there has been a big El Nino in 2016 and in recent months the temperature has been dropping back into a zero trend level.

“It gives you something to believe in. It’s a religion.”

It should surprise no one that, on his way out the door, Obama would engage in one last act of climate hoax extremism (and that the real purveyors of fake news-the establishment media-would run with the ball). Interesting, isn’t it, how the far Left is decrying the “fear” of a Trump administration, while spending every waking hour trying to scare everyone into believing they are destroying the planet simply by being alive.

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