(NationalSentinel) As President Obama and his staff pack up in preparation to leave the White House by the end of the week, it is time to reflect on the current office holder’s legislative record: Not good.

In fact, an analysis of Obama’s legislative achievements shows that he had the worst record in memory, as reported by the Washington Times:

President Obama oversaw the deepest legislative malaise in modern political history, according to the Washington Times Legislative Index, which captures his struggles to find ways to work with a Congress that ranged from lukewarm to openly hostile toward him.

Over the course of his eight years, he has signed just 1,227 bills into law — less, even, than one-term Presidents Carter and George H.W. Bush. Digging deeper into the numbers, Congress spent less time in session, handled less business on the chamber floors and generally sputtered for much of Mr. Obama’s tenure, according to The Times’ index.

Blame for the poor showing falls across Washington. Some analysts say a Congress with four years of divided control hamstrung Mr. Obama, while others say the president failed to find ways to work with the legislature that voters gave him — particularly after the 2010 elections.

“The president was never good at reaching across the aisle. So when the composition of Congress changed relative to what it was in his first two years, he wasn’t able to accommodate that very well,” said Andrew Busch, a presidential scholar at Claremont McKenna College in California. “He never accustomed himself to operating in a system where he was not the sole player.”

Mind you, Obama has repeatedly blamed others-talk radio, Fox News, Republicans in general-for his lack of ability to get anything done. He did it again just recently in an interview with CBS News’ “60 Minutes” program. Oh, talk radio and fake news, which, of course, comes primarily from the so-called ‘mainstream media’ these days.

What this president has succeeded wildly in accomplishing is creating the greatest divide between factions of the American people since the Civil War, and make no mistake that was his intention from the outset.

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