(NationalSentinel) The #nevertrump crowd will continue casting stones of doubt at what is currently taking place before their own eyes, economically, since Donald J. Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the November elections, but they’re only fooling themselves: Trump’s victory is responsible for the massive new investment American companies are planning in America.

09-02-16-03-17-18_promo_article_160x600-option-1Negotiating in private and in public, via Twitter usually, is having a dramatic effect on companies’ decisions to remain in the United States, keeping jobs and opportunities here instead of moving them outside our borders. Whether they fear he will be successful in implementing tariffs on their products when they try to import them back into the U.S., or whether they trust that he and the GOP Congress will be successful in lowering corporate taxes and cutting regulations–or  bothTrump is definitely having an impact on creating new jobs and opportunities for Americans already.

As reported by Breitbart:

The number of companies announcing investment — and in many cases a return to investment — in the U.S.A. with a corresponding rush to create jobs for Americans has continued to grow even before President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

In the weeks after his election on November 8, a series of large corporations announced major initiatives to expand in the U.S. but, since then, the number has only grown.

By the middle of December, several companies had announced new jobs and expansion plans for the U.S., including Carrier Air Conditioner Manufacturing (1,000 Jobs), SoftBank Telecommunications (50,000 Jobs), U.S. Steel (10,000 Jobs), and IBM (25,000 Jobs). In addition, representatives of America’s small businesses noted that Trump’s election filled them with hope for a resurgence in startups and a new expansion phase for their constituents.

But since December, the number of companies announcing expansion plans for the U.S. have only grown.

They include Ford Motor Co. (700 jobs, to start); SAP SE (400 jobs); Amazon (100,000 jobs); Lockheed Martin (1,700 jobs); GM (1,500 jobs and $1 billion investment); Walmart (10,000 retail jobs and 24,000 construction jobs). And there are others.

Trump haters gonna hate, so they’ll never admit that our billionaire businessman-turned-president (and the hope instilled by a Republican majority in Congress) has had a direct hand in all of this positive economic growth. But serious, honest people know better.

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