(NationalSentinel) You have to seriously wonder about the judgment and sanity of a man who would seek elected office to represent the political party responsible for one of the most denigrating, humiliating and frightening episodes in his life, but apparently Rep. John Lewis, ‘civil rights icon,’ is completely at home with his choice of being a life-long Democrat.

09-02-16-03-17-18_promo_article_160x600-option-1You may have read in recent days that, over the weekend, Lewis repeated a charge against Trump that he once leveled against George W. Bush after the 2000 recount gave Bush enough electoral votes to claim victory over Vice President Al Gore: That Trump was “not a legitimate president” because Democrat Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

“I don’t see this President-elect as a legitimate president,” Lewis, a Georgia Democrat, told NBC News‘ Chuck Todd in a clip released Friday. “I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”

What’s more, Lewis said that he wouldn’t be attending Trump’s inauguration, and that would be the first such ceremony he will have skipped since coming to Washington.

First of all, the “Russians hacked the election” narrative is meritless and a complete unproven, unfounded allegation. Secondly, Lewis is a liar; he also skipped Bush’s first inauguration because, ahem, he wasn’t “legitimate.”

Can we call a “civil rights icon” a liar? Sure we can, when he lies. Which is fairly often, given that Lewis’ claim to fame–that he was beaten on a bridge during a civil rights march by police in Selma, Alabama, in 1965.

About that beating. You know who ran the county, the city and all government entities in those days?


In fact, the Democratic Party is the real party of racism. The Old South were Lewis grew up, lived and was beaten in, was solidly Democratic (it’s where the pervasive term “Southern Democrat” came from). The Ku Klux Klan was opposed by Republicans and comprised of Democrats. A one-time KKK Grand Kleagal was a senior Democratic senator from West Virginia, Robert Byrd, into the 2000s. Democratic President Bill Clinton once heaped praise on Byrd. More Republicans, and fewer Democrats, ensured passage of the very same civil rights laws Lewis took a beating to promote and defend.

And members of the Democratic Party beat up Lewis and fractured his skull. How on earth do you join the party of racism and violence that did such a horrible thing to you, then go on to attack Trump (and Bush) as ‘illegitimate’?

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