(NationalSentinel) Those on the Left like to tell Americans that they are the ones who are all about individual freedom and choice, but their actions belie their statements.

That is especially true of anti-choice public school unions comprised of teachers who would rather continue with the failed education policies of the past that emphasize politically correct curriculum over hard-and-fast education standards that actually prepare our children for life.

09-02-16-03-17-18_promo_article_160x600-option-11As reported by the  Washington Free Beacon, anti-choice teacher’s unions have donated millions to undermine and derail President-elect Donald J. Trump’s choice of education secretary, Betsy DeVos, because she believes in allowing parents to decide whether they want to continue to send their kids to a failing public school, or have the choice to find a better education option:

Three of the groups challenging the reform agenda of President-elect Donald Trump and his education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos received more than $2.6 million from teachers unions and their allies, according to federal labor filings.

DeVos, a pioneer in the school choice and charter school movements over the last two decades, has received vocal opposition from Democrats and some of the country’s most powerful unions. The National Education Association, American Federation of Teachers, and AFL-CIO, which serves as an umbrella group for dozens of unions including the AFT, have all called on the Senate to reject the nomination.

They have also pumped millions of dollars into think tanks and activist groups that have supplied Democrats with intellectual ammunition to oppose her.

DeVos, the head of the American Federation for Children, has come under scrutiny from a number of liberal groups and media outlets, along with unions. The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) and Center for American Progress (CAP) have each released reports critical of charter schools since President-elect Donald Trump announced the nomination in November.

Of course, the unions and their teacher-members, aren’t really interested in any reforms that would take students (and control) away from them, even when doing so would dramatically increase a child’s chance to learn. As far as any “intellectual ammunition” Left-wing think tanks could provide the unions, there is a massive body of evidence proving that the current curriculum being taught American junior high and high school students is not preparing them to compete globally.

And, of course, there is the fact that more ‘education’ focuses on the politically correct rather than the educationally correct.

Pro-school choice DaVos is likely to be confirmed but it won’t be without a fight from America’s teachers–the very group that ought to welcome any opportunity to better education our children.

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