(NationalSentinel) If you can’t remember the last time an outgoing president behaved more like a petulant child than a leader of the free world, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Rather than make the incoming Trump administration’s transition as smooth as possible–you know, to ensure that the country is well taken care of during what is normally a hectic period anyway–President Obama continues to lay political landmine after landmine for President-elect Trump.

09-02-16-03-17-18_promo_article_160x600-option-1As reported by the New York Post:

For all President Obama’s claims to want a smooth transition to the new administration, his people have been laying plenty of land mines for Team Trump.

Some are plainly Obama’s doing, from that anti-Israel UN Security Council resolution to slamming the door on Cuban refugees. But the nastier ones — the Justice Department inspector general probe of FBI chief Jim Comey’s announcements on the Clinton email investigation, and the leak about that “Russian dossier” — have more deniability.

Some of this will be simple to reverse, like the Cuban policy, though of course that will open up Trump to criticism from the Left about his planned policies about refugees from terrorist hotbeds in the Middle East. Still, we don’t see this hurting Trump’s support much, to be honest.

But other Obama landmines, like the UN Security Council abstention allowing a purely anti-Israel 14-0 condemnation for its building of settlements, an unprecedented U.S. action, will take years (and maybe decades) to sort out, if it ever happens, undermining any initiative between Israel and the Palestinians to come up with a peace agreement on their own. Plus, it was clearly meant to undermine Trump’s pro-Israel position.

As for the dossier, we may never know who leaked it to CNN and Buzzfeed, but it plainly undermined the president-elect “since it falsely implied that the intel community believed the absurd allegations — which strongly suggests the leak came from some Obama political appointee, rather than any career intel officials,” the Post reported.

And of course the IG probe is definitely political; it’s goal is to hand more ammo to the sycophantic Left that Comey threw the election for Trump and against Clinton (which, even if true, saved the Republic from having to endure the most corrupt, compromised president ever to take office).

As the Post concluded:

Presidential transitions are traditionally apolitical and nonpartisan. It’s sad that the Obama team chose to give America one last sour dose of “change.”

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