(NationalSentinel) The establishment media bad-mouthed, lied about and attempted to sabotage and de-legitimize President-elect Donald J. Trump for months before and after his defeat of their chosen candidate, Hillary Clinton, and now they’re wondering why he may boot them out of the West Wing of the White House altogether.

As reported by The New York Times, that can’t be allowed to happen, you see, because, gosh, that would send the press corps back to the 19th century:

09-02-16-04-44-01_promo_article_160x600-option-2In the 1890s, journalists covering the president were forced to stand vigil outside the White House fence, querying visitors for scraps of information and appealing for audiences with presidential aides.

Today’s reporters are concerned that President-elect Donald J. Trumpcould send them back into the past.

The White House press corps was stunned on Sunday by reports of a proposal by the Trump administration to eject reporters from their home in the West Wing — a move that, if carried out, would uproot decades of established protocol whereby journalists are allowed to work in the White House close to senior officials.

Over the weekend, presidential aide Reince Priebus appeared to backpedal somewhat after Esquire reported that’s what the Trump team intended to do. But it’s simply amazing how the Times went on to characterize this potential move, as though the establishment press didn’t have this coming:

But for jittery Washington reporters, it was yet another salvo from an administration that has shown an unusual willingness to berate and belittle the news media, at the behest of a president-elect who has floated the idea of rolling back libel protections and, in a volcanic appearance last week, refused to take questions from CNN after it ran a story he did not like.

‘After it ran a story he didn’t like’? Is the Times reporter completely tone deaf, overly partisan or just stupid? The ‘story’ involved a bogus “dossier” of “intelligence” information claiming that the Russians have been ‘assisting’ Trump for years, and that he hired Russian hookers to do something very nasty in a Russian hotel room President and Mrs. Obama allegedly stayed in once. It was complete and utter garbage, and what’s more, CNN (and Buzzfeed, which published the entire 35-page document) knew it was garbage because the ‘story’ had been floating around for months, but no media organization could substantiate it.

Trump has been treated to an unprecedented level of smearing and disrespect by the very same establishment media that demanded the country respect President Obama just because of his skin color. And now they wonder why Trump may be prepared to shut them out?

The fact is, Trump doesn’t need the press; they need him to remain somewhat relevant. He gets more response from a tweet than he would otherwise, and he doesn’t have to filter those through a lying media just waiting to take him out of context.

The president-elect is about to shake up D.C. and the world as no U.S. president has in decades–maybe ever. The discredited ‘mainstream media’ may just have to cover his presidency from the outside looking in.

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