(NationalSentinel) Judging by the reporting on the upcoming globalist conclave in Davos next week, it’s become obvious that the world still does not know President-elect Donald J. Trump: Who he is, what he really believes and stands for, and-perhaps most importantly-how his intention to “Make America Great Again” will actually make the world great again.

09-02-16-04-44-01_promo_article_160x600-option-2A Saturday report from Agence France Presse that described the globalist point of view and overall mood ahead of Davos was typical. Like so many other dreamers in recent years, the angle of the story was that, because of the “isolationism” the U.S. and some European nations were about to adopt, China is stepping up to become the new global ‘leader’ in terms of economic (and some say military) power:

China’s president will preach the advent of a new world order in Davos next week before the high priests of globalisation, who are facing an uprising from voters against their orthodoxy of open markets and borders.

The annual conclave of the World Economic Forum in the Swiss Alps, grouping 3,000 delegates from the worlds of government, business, science and the arts, has created the caricature of “Davos Man”, a rich, rootless globetrotter who worships with fellow disci; les in the church of free trade.

But populists are singing from a radically different hymn sheet. Their hostility towards both unfettered trade and immigration has already yielded Britain’s vote to leave the European Union and the rise of once-fringe parties across Europe, including in France and Germany.

The ultimate rebuke to “Davos Man” will come on Friday, the last day of the week-long forum, when Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States.

And the consensus of a rules-based global order led by Washington is threatened by communist China’s inexorable rise.

Yes, well, not so fast.

First of all, this report, like so many similar reports, is completely devoid of any understanding of Trump. In “Making America Great Again,” he knows full well that the U.S. must engage and trade with the world in order for us to prosper. Promising to ‘renegotiate bad deals’ is not “isolationism,” it is renegotiating bad deals-deals that are serving our ‘trade partners’ much better than they are serving us. How is that “isolationism?” Our trading partners (like Mexico) are upset because the United States finally has a president who will not accept a global order that puts America and its people at a huge disadvantage. But that doesn’t mean President Trump will ‘withdraw from the world.’ Just the opposite is true, only Trump will re-engage America with the world on his terms. And he will get results that will benefit Americans first, which is precisely how it should be, given that the U.S. dollar is the global reserve currency, not the Chinese yuan.

These reports also miss an additional important fact: The United States became much more “isolationist” under President Barack Obama, who, let us not forget, has been in charge of U.S. foreign policy for the past eight years. If there is any void at all for China to fill, it’s because it was left by the Obama administration. Trump hasn’t been president for a single day, so making predictions about how his administration will be “isolationist” is nonsensical and without merit, since there is no body of evidence yet to draw that conclusion.

While it is frustrating to see so many breathless predictions about how the U.S. will shrink from its global responsibilities under the “madman” Trump, it is understandable: In the same way the U.S. political establishment underestimated Trump and was unable to ‘take him out’ using the old methods, the global order is assessing the president-elect using established political parameters. That’s why they continue to fail in their predictions of, and projections about, a Trump presidency; he’s not one of them, so assessing what he will do and won’t do based on the ‘accepted’ globalist order will always produce inaccurate results.

The globalists, like the U.S. political establishment, have never encountered anyone like Donald J. Trump. He’s not a member of their club, so that explains their derision of him personally, their angst over his stated intentions, and their misconceptions about how he’ll get things done and what policies he’ll pursue. But it also explains why they are underestimating him.

Trump knows better than anyone that the U.S. is still the center of the known universe, and he intends to re-establish that fact by the time he leaves office. But he’ll also remind everyone in the process that an ascending, economically and militarily powerful United States is a world stabilizer, not a disrupter, and that peace is much more attainable with a benevolent superpower at the helm.

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