(NationalSentinel) It seems the president of Mexico is not happy with America’s president-elect, and that’s understandable to a point. But only to a point.

As reported by the Washington Examiner:

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto stepped up his attack on President-elect Trump this week, blasting calls for his country to pay for the anti-immigration wall the new administration wants and Trump’s success in talking U.S. automakers to stay home and not move to Mexico.

In a meeting with Mexican diplomats, Nieto said that Trump will find no cooperation south of the border.

“Basic principles such as our sovereignty, the national interest and the protection of our compatriots are not negotiable,” he said.

“It is clear that we have some differences with the next U.S. government, such as the issue of a wall that Mexico, of course, will not pay,” Nieto said. And, he added, Mexico will not accept “anything against our dignity,” according to the website Departmento 19.

09-02-16-04-44-01_promo_article_160x600-option-2Nieto, like many U.S. diplomats, politicians and business leaders, obviously did not take Trump’s pledge to “Make America Great Again” very seriously. What an incredible miscalculation on their part; he’s already begun, and he’s yet to spend a single day as president.

But more to the point, Nieto’s rantings make sense in the context that sure, Mexico’s been getting the best end of the bargain since NAFTA was negotiated and approved during the Clinton administration. One-time presidential contender and billionaire businessman Ross Perot was right when he said the agreement would result in a “giant sucking sound” of jobs and industry out of America and into Mexico.

At the same, Mexico has done everything in its power to encourage it’s people to violate our immigration laws so that their government could tap into the U.S. economy via remittances: Illegals working in America who send billions of dollars a year back home to their relatives in Mexico. In fact, as NBC News notes, remittances are a major source of income for Mexico; in 2015, remittances amounted to $24.8 billion, more than the country earned from oil revenues (for the first time) and tourism.

So you can see why the Mexican leader is ticked off at Trump, who, by the way, is looking into confiscating some of the remittance money as a means of paying for the border wall he promises to build; not only is Trump ensuring it will be much more difficult for illegal aliens to sneak into America, he’s cutting off a major source of income for Mexico.

But the thing is, most Americans don’t care about ‘Making Mexico great.’ They want U.S. jobs and revenue and opportunities to remain in the United States, which is why Trump is now the president-elect and not some failed presidential contender who is still running a multi-billion dollar business enterprise.

What is also animating Nieto is the fact that now, in the Age of Trump, he and Mexican legislators will have to find a way to improve employment opportunities for their people on their own, without sucking money and jobs from the United States via a bad “trade” agreement that has become more or less a one-way street. That will require rolling up their sleeves and figuring out how to make the Mexican economy more self-sustaining–which will involve, first and foremost, declaring war on the drug cartels that have turned the country into a massive narco-state.

That Nieto would object to a U.S. president putting his country first, while at same time pledging to put Mexico first, is hypocrisy on steroids. Who decided that the United States will become a doormat to a freeloading nation?

Trump was elected on the pledge that America will not cede its own sovereignty and interests to anyone, and that includes Mexico. If he, along with the GOP majority in Congress, and ensure U.S. corporations a much friendlier business climate–fewer onerous regulations, lower corporate taxes, better finance rates–if they remain in their own country, why should they move to Mexico? Or anywhere else, for that matter?

What Trump is doing isn’t “racism” or “bigotry,” it’s exactly what a U.S. president is supposed to do: Put the interests of America first. If the Mexican president doesn’t like that, tough. He puts his country first, so why shouldn’t Trump?

The Mexican government is being forced to face some stark realities about the country’s economic future and its leaders are reacting predictably. But in truth, U.S. leaders should have been keeping America great all these years with better trade deals, border security and friendlier business policies.

Had that been the case, Trump would not have had a campaign message that so resonated with most of the country, and Mexican leaders would not now be in the predicament they’re in.

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