(NationalSentinel) Thanks to constant questioning of police motives and intent by President Obama, his Justice Department and Democrats in general over the past eight years, more than 90 percent of cops in a new survey said they are more fearful for their safety now than in any previous period.

09-02-16-03-17-18_promo_article_160x600-option-1As reported by CBS Dallas, the results come from a Pew Research Center survey of about 8,000 currently-serving officers:

“Do we feel we’re targeted right now? Yes,” said a 12-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department after a question about police safety. The question was posed after the release of the national survey.

In one segment of questioning, 93 percent of polled officers surveyed said they were more concerned about their safety today than in the past.

“Yes, it’s more dangerous, now you have officers watching their backs, even with your family, because the bad guys get to know you, they may see you at the mall, the movies, there’s a heightened awareness,” veteran Dallas PD officer George Aranda said.

The survey also highlighted elevated concerns police have over protests nationwide against police-involved shootings of African-American men.

Seventy-five percent of those polled, said interactions with black citizens have become more tense.

Noted Thomas Glover, president of the Black Police Association of Greater Dallas: ““Officers do have the perception that a particular community May be upset. It doesn’t sit well with me as a veteran police officer. I do believe that safety consciousness is at an all time high now. We had one of the worst incidents in the history of policing in Dallas, but we have to make sure we don’t do it (elevate police safety concern) just in the black neighborhood.”

This is on Obama and the racialists he appointed (and the Senate confirmed) as his attorney generals, Eric Holder, Jr., and Loretta Lynch. Between the three of them, local police have been targeted often for ‘investigation’ and sanctioning following incidents between police and black suspects who local juries and courts found guilty of wrongdoing.

It was Obama and his Justice Department who sought to essentially nationalize local police and put them under the control of Washington, with the automatic assumption being all police are racist and all black suspects get a bad rap and are regularly targeted and profiled.

But of course, Obama remained aloof from the Communist-style destabilization campaign he was waging, largely because, once again, the ‘mainstream’ media refused to hold our first African-American president accountable for the chaos he created.

It will take years to undo this damage, and in the process, more property will burn, more lives will be lost and more communities will be shattered. Meanwhile, our ex-president will continue to snipe at and blame cops for the problems he created. Watch and see.

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