(NationalSentinel) While there’s little likelihood of being given clemency for his conviction over a breach of classified information, a Navy sailor is nevertheless seeking one-and he’s using Hillary Clinton in his defense.

As reported by the Washington Times, former Machinist Mate 1st Class Kristian Saucier “pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to a charge of unauthorized retention of defense information and was sentenced Aug. 16 to a year in prison. For what he calls a ‘keepsake,’ he took six cellphone pictures of his work area aboard the nuclear attack submarine USS Alexandria in 2009. They remained in his phone.”

To anyone who’s ever served in the military, it’s difficult to imagine a senior non-commissioned officer not knowing what does and does not constitute classified information. That is especially true for a sailor aboard a nuclear submarine.

Nevertheless, Saucier and the rest of America watched as the FBI and Justice Department produced reams of evidence that Clinton, while secretary of state, used a personal email server that was unsecured (and that President Obama knew about) to discuss the most sensitive, highly classified intelligence information that was very likely hacked by at least five countries, and got away with it.

The Times reported further that Saucier has appealed for clemency and that the Justice Department is investigating his claim. Meantime, the family is appealing to President-elect Trump for clemency as well:

The inmate’s mother, Kathleen Saucier, became his public advocate in TV interviews during the presidential campaign. She told The Washington Times that her message to Mr. Trump, who takes office Jan. 20, is: “I would like to say to Mr. Trump that I believe that he’s our hope to re-evaluate the way things are done in our government and that we, as American patriots, should never have to be in the position that myself and my family and I am sure many others have been.”

It should surprise no one that someone convicted of far less of a violation of national security statutes would seek clemency after Clinton so brazenly violated nearly all them, knowingly, and was not punished for them, let alone even charged. The entire process was politicized by Obama, which was also patently obvious, so it makes sense that someone would seek to have their conviction overturned. And it might be successful at some point, though we doubt it.

But once again, this entire episode laid bare to a majority of Americans that there are two sets of laws and legal standards in America today: Those that apply to the people and those that apply to the elite.

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