(NationalSentinel) A new report expresses serious doubts about the United States military’s ability to shoot down North Korean missiles, Fox News reports, even as Pyongyang’s missile technology is advancing.

Citing a Bloomberg story, Fox News said:

The U.S. has a “limited capability to defend” its homeland from a small number of “simple,” intercontinental ballistic missiles launched by countries like North Korea or Iran, the Pentagon’s weapons testing office said…

The report said that the U.S. maintains ground-based interceptors based in Alaska and California, but they cannot be counted on with any degree of certainty due to “lack of ground tests”…

Officials with the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency responded as expected, saying they have confidence in the system that is in place. But the observation that a lack of testing has occurred rings true, given the cutbacks to military R&D during the Obama years.

What’s more, as President-elect Trump gets set to take office, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced during a New Year’s address his country was set to test a new ICBM-which, if true, would be targeted by the U.S. anti-missile system if it threatened American territory.

But is this so-called shield for real or just another multi-billion dollar Pentagon boondoggle with a bottomless pit? We don’t want to find out it doesn’t work when we need it most, that much is certain. So, either more testing is needed, or the system should be scrapped.

Trump tweeted out after Kim’s speech that the North developing nuclear weapons “won’t happen!”

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