(NationalSentinel) This may be the most hypocritical thing you hear all day: The National Association of Colored People says it is “deeply troubled” by President-elect Donald J. Trump’s nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General because they claim he is (wait for it) a racist.

The unwarranted allegation, which is typical of this and every other Left-wing demagogue organization in America, is being leveled against a man who, as a former U.S. attorney, bankrupted the KKK in Alabama and saw to it that one of its members was handed the death penalty for heinous crimes that did involve actual racism.

He also worked as U.S. attorney in Alabama to desegregate the state’s school system. Does that sound like a ‘racist’ to you?

Facts don’t matter to the angry, divisive Left, that much we know. But this business of an organization founded on the basic premise of catering to one race–blacks–calling anyone else a “racist” is hypocrisy on steroids. The only people who don’t see this are members of the organization and the ‘mainstream’ media, which breathlessly reports every bogus charge.

It’s hard, especially in the Age of Obama, to find a man more decent than Jeff Sessions. But because he shares the president-elect’s goal of actually enforcing immigration laws, as well as vetting people coming to our country from hotbeds of terrorism, that is what qualifies as ‘racism’ to the angry, divisive Left, including the NAACP.

The one good thing that will come from all of this is that the Left won’t succeed in stopping Sessions from being confirmed by the Senate. That will be good for our country, because he will then go on to be one of the most conscientious attorney generals we’ve had in some time, and much better than the racialists we’ve had in that position during Obama’s two terms.

Meantime, Americans will have to endure yet another slimy, filthy, disgraceful smear campaign from Democrats and their lackey special interest groups, many of them filled with actual racists, against an imminently qualified individual who has, and will continue, to serve our country well.

What this episode should teach us is that America will never, ever move past the issue of “race” as long as there are race-based special interest groups promoting one ethnic group over another. The only way to continue collecting fat donation checks is by peddling the lie that such groups are still necessary. They aren’t. In fact, they’ve long outlived their founding purpose (has Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton every had a real job?), as this business against Sessions proves.

Note to the NAACP: You’re a has-been organization from a bygone era spewing outdated rhetoric. You’re not part of the solution anymore, you’re part of the problem. Don’t go away mad…just go away.

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