(NationalSentinel) It feels like there hasn’t been an issue the Obama administration has dealt with during the past eight years that wasn’t shrouded in misstatements, opaqueness and outright deception, and the “Iran nuclear deal” is certainly one of them.

The president and the taxpayer-supported liars on his staff have a lot to answer for when it comes to that deal, and specifically, the staggering amount of money the administration has either paid Iran or permitted Iran to access–even while this nothing little ‘power’ harasses U.S. Navy ships in the Persian Gulf, as well as our only true ally in the Middle East, Israel.

09-02-16-04-44-01_promo_article_160x600-option-2As reported by the Washington Free Beacon:

The Obama administration has paid Iran more than $10 billion in gold, cash, and other assets since 2013, according to Iranian officials, who disclosed that the White House has been intentionally deflating the total amount paid to the Islamic Republic.

Senior Iranian officials late last week confirmed reports that the total amount of money paid to Iran over the past four years is in excess of $10 billion, a figure that runs counter to official estimates provided by the White House.

The latest disclosure by Iran, which comports with previous claims about the Obama administration obfuscating details about its cash transfers to Iran—including a $1.7 billion cash payment included in a ransom to free Americans—sheds further light on the White House’s back room dealings to bolster Iran’s economy and preserve the Iran nuclear agreement.

Some Iran-watching experts believe that Tehran certainly could be overstating the amount it has been paid, for sure. But there are limitations to such claims as well.

“Iran does have incentives to overstate this figure,” Behnam Ben Taleblu, a research analyst at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told the Free Beacon. “But given the recent state-sponsored narrative in Iran about a Western and particularly American failing to offer sanctions relief, this reads much more as fact rather than another instance of disinformation from Tehran.”

One unnamed insider source told the publication the Obama administration has a history of deflating Iran payments.

“This is how it always happens when the Obama administration secretly sends money to Iran,” said the source, who would only speak on background when discussing the outgoing administration’s strategy. “They deny it until they’re caught, then they lowball it until they’re caught again, then they say it’s old news. In every single case where Iranian officials confirms these transfers while Obama officials denied them, it later turned out the Iranian officials were the ones telling the truth.”

Why a U.S. president would so willingly help a sworn enemy gain any advantage whatsoever is beyond our comprehension; that used to be the textbook definition of treason.

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