If anything, John Kerry has been consistent throughout his long career in politics, which is to say consistently wrong and consistently nasty.

So it was fitting for one of Kerry’s last official acts to trash the lone, reliable U.S. ally in the Middle East–Israel–because that’s how he began his career in politics.

As noted by the Washington Free Beacon, Kerry’s career began shortly after he got out of the Navy during the latter part of the Vietnam War. He testified that American troops were committing “atrocities” in Vietnam, such as cutting off the ears of enemies and similar grotesque acts.

As spokesman for the group Vietnam Veterans Against the War, or VVAW, Kerry testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the group he spoke for was “ashamed of and hated what we were called on to do in Southeast Asia.”

The WFB noted further:

Kerry’s testimony was based on stories collected by VVAW as part of its “Winter Soldier” project, which sought to expose members of the U.S. military for committing various atrocities. Kerry had the idea to organize a public march in Detroit where soldiers could tell their stories.

Kerry included much of the Detroit testimony in his 1971 book The New Soldier, a copy of which was dug up by the Weekly Standard‘s David Skinner during the 2004 Democratic Primary that Kerry emerged from as his party’s presidential nominee.

Kerry’s book contains the stories told by VVAW members, which were woven together to support the idea that American soldiers acted as immoral criminals during the war. According to Skinner, “allegations included torture, intentional dismemberment, and gang rape.”

Many of the testimonies put forth by the group, however, turned out to be questionable once subjected to scrutiny.

Questionable, as in outright false.

“One soldier,” wrote Skinner, “admitted that his testimony had been coached by members of the Nation of Islam.”

Kerry was at it again during his recent speech to Israel, slamming the Jewish state with falsehoods and innuendo and insinuating, as his boss, Barack Obama, has done for eight years, that Israel, and not the Muslim nations surrounding it that have vowed its destruction, is at fault for all of the unrest taking place in the Middle East. It was so bad, in fact, that it even earned a rebuke from the British government.

Kerry will depart as head of the State Department after President-elect Trump takes office, and it’s expected to be his last political office, thankfully.

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