In the weeks before the Nov. 8 election, a trove of emails and other documents from the campaign of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee were released by WikiLeaks–emails showing collusion between some reporters with the now-discredited ‘mainstream’ media and Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, as well as other Democrat operatives.

Now, it seems, many of them have actually been assigned to cover the Trump administration.

As reported by The Daily Caller, one of them is CNBC reporter John Harwood, who demonstrated clear partisanship in several email exchanges with Podesta.

Harwood told Podesta to “watch out” for Dr. Ben Carson during the Republican primary. “Ben Carson could give you real trouble in a general,” Harwood warned, including video clips of Carson’s political positions. As The DC noted further:

In a December 2015 email to Podesta, Harwood claimed the Republican Party was “veering off the rails” and bragged about provoking Trump during a Republican presidential debate, where he asked Trump if he was running “a comic book version of a presidential campaign.” 

“I imagine…” Harwood titled the email, continuing in the body: “…that Obama feels some (sad) vindication at this demonstration of his years-long point about the opposition party veering off the rails.”

“I certainly am feeling that way with respect to how I questioned Trump at our debate.”

As CNBC’s chief political correspondent, Harwood will play a central role in the network’s coverage of the Trump administration. 

Last month The New York Times announced it was hiring Politico correspondent Glenn Thrush for White House coverage. Released emails show Thrush actually sending stories to Clinton staffers for their approval before he turned them in. So in other words, he gave the people in power he was supposed to be covering veto power over his content. No conflict of interest there.

“Because I have become a hack I will send u the whole section that pertains to [you],” he wrote in an April 30, 2015 email to Podesta, including five paragraphs from a piece titled “Hillary’s big money dilemma.”

“Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this,” Thrush added. “Tell me if I fucked up anything.”

“No problems here,” Podesta replied.

If anything the so-called ‘mainstream media’ proved beyond any shadow of doubt that it is highly partisan, consistently in the corner of Left-wing Democrats, and therefore simply cannot be trusted and should be shunned in favor of the alternative media.

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