No country can remain viable without its own history and culture, and that includes the United States. Barack Obama knows that, which is why he has usurped the Constitution and statutory law with his backdoor mass immigration policies: Bringing in millions of people from around the world who do not know or share American history and culture, and are thus not required to assimilate like our forefathers and mothers had to, was all part of his ‘fundamental transformation’ of the country.

And it’s a policy that will remain in effect until President-elect Trump becomes President Trump. Make no mistake about it, he and his Department of Homeland Security chief will have their hands full reversing nearly eight years of open borders policy.

As the Washington Post reports, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are being detained each year now, meaning there are likely two times as many getting through:

U.S. officials are grappling with a 15 percent surge in illegal immigration, reflecting continued failures by the Obama administration to deter illegal immigration along the country’s southwestern border.

Homeland Security officials apprehended 530,250 illegal immigrants and sent 450,954 people back to their home countries over the 12-month period that ended in September, according to figures released Friday by the Department of Homeland Security. 

 The majority of those apprehended come from Central American countries and include 137,614 families and unaccompanied children, part of an ongoing flight from high crime and violence in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, which human rights advocates have urged the administration to treat as a refu­gee crisis.
The number of families and children in the past year also exceeded figures from 2015 and 2014, when illegal immigrants from Central America overwhelmed U.S. Border Patrol stations at the Mexican border and President Obama called the flow of children an “urgent humanitarian situation.”
Oh, it’s an “urgent humanitarian situation” alright, but for American citizens who must take in these largely poor, uneducated people and house, feed, clothe and educate them using resources that have been earmarked for their own needs.
Then of course there is the problem of a lack of assimilation. These people are bringing with them their own cultural norms, practices and mores, which are oftentimes at odds with our own. That is especially true of the Muslim refugees Obama is resettling at a breakneck pace.
But there is light on the horizon. Even though he’s liable to get pushback from both Democrats and Republicans, Trump has pledged to crack down on illegal immigration with a wall and a reversal of Obama’s immigration-related executive orders.
Immigration to America is not a right, it’s a privilege. Furthermore, it should be conducted within the framework of our legal system, not on the whims of an activist president.


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