It’s been a deadly year for America’s Thin Blue Line, with more officers being killed in the line of duty in 2016 than in the past two decades.

In fact, the Washington Times reports, many of the killings have come in the form of deadly ambushes and sniper attacks:

The number of ambush-style killings of police officers in the U.S. reached a two-decade high this year, pushing law enforcement fatalities to their highest tally in five years, with 135 officers killed in the line of duty, according to a year-end report by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

Shootings were the No. 1 cause of death for law enforcement in 2016, claiming the lives of 64 officers — including eight gunned down in two ambush attacks in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in July. The report notes 21 of the officers were shot and killed in ambush-style attacks.

Many blame the rise in ambushes of officers on the president and movements like Black Lives Matter, though the latter’s defenders say it is peaceful and does not condone nor encourage violence against police.

But the numbers don’t lie-and the increased number of police officers being shot directly correlates with the creation of the movement, along with President Obama’s constant chiding of local police and insinuations that most departments are inherently racist, while instinctively defending African Americans, even if they were found to be in the wrong.

One of the most vocal critics of the movement and President Obama is Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, an African-American law enforcement official who believes the president’s rhetoric has inflamed tensions and led to the rise of BLM.

In a column for The Hill, Clarke noted:

The targeting of police for hate and for murder is by Black Lives Matter and their accomplices are, in actuality, the targeting is our rule of law. Groups like Black Lives Matter, blessed by the progressive left and most recently our own President Obama, need to be exposed and condemned for their true aims: revolution.

Black Lives Matter organizers hold the same values of America’s age-old enemies, who have always fought the ideals of our Constitution and our nation. That they have now taken on as their costume a false concern for Black America only adds to their depravity.

This president will not name Black Lives Matter the enemy. Instead, the White House proactively defended the revolutionary group in the most unfitting of contexts: the eulogies for fallen police officers in Dallas, Texas. He has invited those who speak hate against our rule of law and police officers, in some cases the only element that stands between the violence-plagued communities and their utter destruction, into his fold. The Democrats and their leaders have made their choice known to the American people: utter capitulation.

He says such acts targeting police officers are acts of war, not domestic terrorism, and that BLM-like ISIS and the Occupy Wall Street movement-are attacking the “rule of law.”

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